Locus Mien, 2015 (solo), curated by Meaghan Kent/Site 95 (NY)
Torrance Shipman Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

The word “Locus” is defined as a place, a center, a source or locality. A starting point. “Mien” can be interpreted as an appearance or showing character. The hybrid title conveys the abstract and improvisational new body of work presented by Norway based artist Margrethe Aanestad. Locus Mien is the starting point in creating a site-specific exhibition inspired through the objects and atmosphere found and created in Torrance Shipman Gallery, New York.

Through the exploration of abstract and minimalist language, Aanestad investigates form, spatiality and materiality. In addition to painting and drawing, Aanestad uses a wide variety of discarded and found materials including: Styrofoam, cardboard, paper, textiles, wood, marble and stone, to create new work in both three and two-dimensional formats. These objects are collected through time and process as she explores new textures and substances. She activates these objects through their placement in space. 

For her exhibition at Torrance Shipman Gallery, Aanestad seeks to explore the space and orchestrate components to reveal a sublime balance. Aanestad first approaches the space through observation as she works with the features of the room including light, atmosphere and content. She then responds to the space through the collection of materials and objects, eventually inspiring a new dialogue with the space. Materials, arrangements and compositions are derived from her experience, often allowing coincidences, fragments, layers and relationships between objects that open themselves in the process. It is between intent, intuition and chance that the installation is formed. The environment becomes a place for contemplation and silence, delivering a heightened awareness of materials, nuances and space.

Photo: Cary Whittier and Jordan Rathus