Quattro, 2013 (group)
Interno4, Bologna, Italia

Group exhibition wiith Alice Browne (UK) and Jeanette Mundt (USA).

The Interno4 space is an artist run initiative located in the center of Bologna. The group behind it also live there, and for each project they empty their flat turning it into gallery space. I was invited together with two other artists to work and live in their space for a week to create an exhibition. My work reflects an encounter with an unfamiliar city, atmosphere, and different architecture. This encompassed visiting the “Home Depot”–store of Bologna were I could get my materials, buying huge boards and paint. Everyday experience such as when I brought back my stuff on the bus was an important part of the sensation. In the space I worked with subjects such as interior characteristics as tiles and stucco and light conditions.

Photo: Jiulia Casanov