Utmark, 2012 (duo)
Kunstgalleriet, Stavanger, Norway

Duo-exhibition with Jørund Aase Falkenberg (NO). Kunstgalleriet is a private commercial gallery located in Stavanger. It was earlier a home with a  storefront and is a regular wooden three-storage house close to the city center. Several of the “homey” features from the earlier times are still intact. A structured wallpaper, wood panels, parquet and lists along floor and ceiling and a tiled stove (kakkelovn). For this exhibition I experimented with the interior and the light conditions. I explored the site and created new rooms, new structures, new lines and spaces. I was playing with a contrast between the domestic space and how art is presented.. Employing materials collected over time, together with drawings, I wanted to create an abstract, massive, but yet light and fragile construction. I tried to  balance the objects, like a small architectural structure. No nails or other support were used, every board held itself up by leaning and co-existing together. On the one wall I imitated a salon style exhibition.

Photo: Erik Sæter Jørgensen