Vi er stedene, Vestlandsutstillingen / The West Coast Exhibition, Norway (G), 2019
Curated by Marte D. Jølbo
Feb 8. - Nov. 3., 2019

Kunstmuseet Kube, Ålesund; Haugesund Billedgalleri; Kunsthuset Kabuso, Øystese; Kunsthall Stavanger; Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum, Førde; Kunstgarasjen, Bergen

Vestlandsutstillingen is an annual touring exhibition, showing works by artists with a connection to the West Coast of Norway. They must have been born there, have lived there, or in some other way have a strong relationship that gives them a sense of connection to the place. Starting from the 35 selected artists' works, We Are The Places questions the elements that comprise a place, the relationship between society and place, and how we define them and are defined by them. (Images are from Kunstmuseet Kube; Ålesund, Norway).

Photo: Maya Økland